Pre-Listing Inspections

Pre-Listing Property Inspection Services MNAre you getting ready to put your home on the market? If so, you’re trying to think of all the things to do to make sure your home is as attractive as possible to potential buyers. One item that you may not have even thought about is a pre-listing inspection. At Inspect It First of Andover, we work with countless realtors who always encourage their clients to have pre-listing inspections done prior to putting a home on the market.

Advantages of a Pre-Listing inspection

There are countless advantages to having a pre-listing inspection performed by a reputable home inspector like our team here at Inspect It First of Andover, a few of which include:

  • Spot Major Issues Before You Put a Home on the Market – Having a home inspection performed before your home hits the market can help you to identify any major issues that would likely come out during the due diligence process once a home is under contract. As a seller, being armed with this information before you put your house on the market can be extremely beneficial. You can choose to make the repairs yourself, or disclose them to potential buyers so that they can consider these repairs when negotiating on a purchase price.
  • Reduce Back and Forth Negotiations – Many buyers will use an inspection report to their advantage by attempting to deeply discount the price of a home based on the findings in the report. If you have a pre-listing inspection you can provide this inspection report to potential buyers so they should already know any issues that may arise during a subsequent home inspection.
  • Encourage Transparency – By paying for a home inspection up front, you’re telling potential buyers that you have nothing to hide when it comes to your home. This should give them added peace of mind that there shouldn’t be too many surprises once they purchase your home.
  • Choose Your Contractors – When you have an inspection done prior to putting your house on the market, you can choose the contractors who will perform any work that needs to be done. This is much different than if you wait and have a buyer insist on using certain contractors. This helps you to keep costs down when it comes to fixing any issues that arise. Don’t let buyers try to find estimates that are as high as possible to drive down the purchase price.
  • Make Your Home More Attractive in a Tight Real Estate Market – If you have a pre-listing inspection done you can either keep the results to yourself, or disclose the report when your property hits the market. If you choose to disclose the inspection report, you can bet that potential buyers will see this as a positive especially compared to other listings that may not have had a pre-listing inspection completed.

Knowledge is Power – Have Your Home Pre-Inspected to Avoid Surprises

As a seller, you want to have all of the information, both the good and the bad regarding the condition of your home. A pre-listing inspection is key to making this happen. By enlisting the services of an experienced home inspector like Inspect it First of Andover, you’re hiring an expert to look over every aspect of your home. Once you receive your home inspection report you can then make certain decisions about what repairs to complete and how to adjust the listing price accordingly. Being armed with this information you’ll likely have less heated negotiations with buyers and you’ll be more satisfied that the listing price is as accurate as possible based on the information you have.

To schedule a pre-listing inspection for your home before it hits the market, don’t hesitate to reach out to Inspect It First of Andover today at (612) 554-0805.

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